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The National Science Competition (KSN) is one of the competition events programmed by the government every year to measure the quality of education of students from SD (Elementary School), SMP(Junior high School), and SMA(Senior High School) in the fields of science, technology and mathematics, which is implemented at the level of each region / city, province , national and international. The purpose of this activity is to determine the extent to which the supervisor's competence (Pedagogic and Professional Competence) has in conducting training and mentoring for students’KSN at SMA Kristen Rantepao, and also to find out the obstacles encountered by students during training and mentoring. From the results of the OSN / KSN competition which was participated in by SMA Kristen Rantepao in the last 5 years with unsatisfactory results. Analysis of activities using qualitative data methods obtained direct observation through filling in the Google Form to 10 supervisor teachers and some students who have taken OSN / KSN. Obtained the main cause is the competence of mentor teachers, both Pedagogic competence and Professional Competence, do not meet the qualifications / quality is still low. Schools are obliged to conduct training and mentoring for supervisory teachers and KSN students in an effort to increase academic achievement and be able to compete at the district, provincial and national levels.


Teacher Competency, National Science Competition (KSN), Training and Guidance

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Tandisau, A., & Murniarti, E. (2021). KOMPETENSI GURU PEMBINA DALAM MEMBERIKAN PELATIHAN DAN PEMBIMBINGAN SISWA KSN. Jurnal Dinamika Pendidikan, 14(2), 46-58.

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